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Mistress Michelle Moist smoking face sitting domination - 29th April 2010
Smoking Mistress Michelle Moist smokes Fines 120's corks cigarettes as she face sits her slave. Wearing only red pvc boots, Mistress Michelle takes hard pulls on her cigarette as she instructs her slave to spread her pussy
Smoking Mistress Jordan Kingsley - 15th April 2010
Nasty smoking Mistress Jordan Kingsley has her wothless slave on his knee's as she blows smokes in his face and teases him with her cigarette and smoke
Mistress Emma Butt dominates you with her strong smoke
Mistress Emma Butt dominates you with her strong smoke - 25th March 2010
Mistress Emma Butt smokes strong Marlboro Red 100's corks cigarettes as she verbally dominates you and blows her thick smoke right at you. Mistress Emma's smoking is so heavy and her french and open mouth inhales are sensational
Obey, and Mistress may give you some ash
Obey, and Mistress may give you some ash - 20th March 2010
Sit like a dog, bark like a dog and beg like a dog for your Mistress Tilly's ash. If your good enough, she may let you have some. Your mistress here smokes a long B&H 100 cigarette
Worthless slave to Mistress EML - 10th March 2010
You worthless slave, get down on all fours as nasty smoking Mistress EML smokes her Marlboro light 100's cigarette. She uses you as a filthy ashtray, blows smoke in your face and verbally abuses you
Busty Mistress Michelle Thorne makes her slave inhale her smoke - 23rd February 2010
Blonde busty Mistress Michelle Thorne calls in her male slave to light her all white 120's cigarette. Mistress Michelle Thorne seductively smokes and then blows all her exhaled smoke into her slaves mouth, holding it open with her fingers and forcing him to inhale her smoke
Smoking Mistress Michelle Moist puts you in your place - 13th February 2010
Sexy but Stern Mistress Michelle Moist will put you in your place in this POV scene. Wearing high PVC black boots and some sexy black lingerie and smoking a Marlboro Lights 100's cigarette. Don't upset her or you will be smothered by her almighty pussy.
2 smoking Mistresses and a male slave
2 smoking Mistresses and a male slave - 9th February 2010
This slave has 2 smoking Mistress to contend with as he is on all fours being used as a table. Mistress Tilly and Mistress Havana light a strong Marlboro Red 100's cigarette each and then decide to abuse their slave, blowing smoke in his face, flicking hot ash on his back and even burning the hairs on his arse
Mistress Lolly Badcock dominates her male slave with her smoke - 4th February 2010
Mistress Lolly Badcock is one mistress you wouldn't want to step on the wrong side of! This sexy Mistress punishes her male slave as she smokes Marlboro red 100's cigarettes whilst she verbally and physically abuses him. Mistress Lolly especially loves to blow smoke in his face, flicking ash over his naked body and threatening to burn him!

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