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Smoking mistress Tilly abuses her slave - 1st December 2009
Mistress Tilly Hardy is a mean smoking dominatrix who holds nothing back. As she smokes strong Marlboro Red 100 cigarettes her unfortunate female slave is repeatedly abused both verbally and physically using a paddle on her ass. Mistress Tilly further humiliates the slave by gripping her face and blowing smoke into her eyes and mouth, before sending her away until the next time she deserves some nasty smoking abuse
Mistress Keisha uses you as an ashtray - 17th November 2009
Mistress Keisha Kane smokes Fine's cork 120 cigarettes as she talks nasty to you while she smokes. Mistress Keisha Kane uses you like an ashtray, making you lick her boots and ordering you to wank your cock all whilst she takes pulls on her cigarette and exhales right at you
Mistress Elizabeth uses slave as ashtray - 12th November 2009
Nasty smoking mistress Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence has a new slave in for the day. Mistress Elizabeth sitting in her chair, calls for her slave to bring her cigarettes and demands he light it for her. Not impressed with this slave, she uses him as a foot rest, ashtray, blows smoke in his face and verbally abuses him
Mistress Havana Sin smoking domination pov - 10th November 2009
Mistress Havana Sin dominates you with her thick smoke as she smokes strong Marlboro reds corks 100's cigarettes. Mistress Havana verbally abuses you and makes you suck her stiletto as she flicks her ash at your tongue as she uses you as an ashtray. Mistress Havana Sin is a cruel smoking mistress with the best smoking I have ever seen with long drags, perfect open mouth inhales and snap inhales.
Tilly and Havana pov domination - 2nd November 2009
It can't get much worse than these two nasty smoking mistresses, Havana Sin and Tilly. Smoking strong Marlboro Reds, verbally abusing you, blowing smoke in your face, one thing for certain, you definately won't be answering back
Verbally abusive smoking mistress Tilly
Verbally abusive smoking mistress Tilly - 17th October 2009
Nasty smoking mistress Tilly is so verbally abusive to her slave. Not just verbally abusive, Mistress Tilly also uses him as an ashtray and blows her thick smoke in his face
Mistress Amber Leigh smoking verbal abuse pov - 16th October 2009
Mistress Amber Leigh smokes corks cigarettess while wearing a kinky black outfit. Mistress Amber Leigh smokes while verbally abusing you by telling you how worthless you are and lucky to be before her.
Mistress Karen Wood smoking domination pov
Mistress Karen Wood smoking domination pov - 16th October 2009
Mistress Karen Wood smokes a corks 100's cigarette as she verbally abuses you. Mistress Karen Wood teases you with her perfect open mouth inhales and sexy smoking style as she tells you how worthless you are as she enjoys her cigarette.
Mistress Amber Leigh smoking facesitting - 16th October 2009
Mistress Amber Leigh sits on her slaves face as she smokes corks cigarettes. Mistress Amber Leigh smokes her cigarette as she makes her slave pleasure her as he suffers.

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